Hello Thirty Somethings

Hello thirty something!

I am writing this blog as a guide and commentary on how to be thirty something years old.  I am struck by how after my twenties life did not end.  Actually it seemed like a whole new world, an uncharted territory I felt unprepared for.  Being twenty something was like having the world at my feet, the possibilities were endless and overwhelming.  These years just flew by as I gobbled them up with an energetic and wild instability.  Manic highs and lows and a strong sense of direction that was pulling me into adventure for the sake of adventure.

How do you smoothly transition into becoming a more mature and confident version of yourself in your thirties?  I personally hit a wall.  I had a quarter life crisis, some people call it the Saturn Return.  Honestly as a friend of mine put it, it was like a second puberty.  All of the awkwardness and confusion seemed to come flooding back.  I talked to many people that seemed to be experiencing something similar.  A general dis-ease with their life, with themselves.  This blog is a way for me to understand and live this transitional period from your twenties to your thirties.  There is no roadmap out there so I thought I would attempt to create one.  A way to become mentally and emotionally strong and unflappable as we continue to meet new horizons in life.

I am looking for your help and insight too so we can become the stable, mature and confident people we would like to be ( if that is indeed what you want as well).


Angela Mae


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