On Being Thirty-Something: Becoming Stronger for good

Being thirty-something means that there are ways that your body begins to change.  This is perhaps one of the most difficult things to come to terms with.  The resilience that you once knew your whole life starts to change.  Depending on who you are you may be more or less sensitive to stress.  Drinking and trashing your body doesn’t work as well as it used to. The good news is its possible to protect yourself and build up your strength and  resilience.  Being thirty-something is the perfect time to solidify and protect your body and mind.  One of the most surprising and interesting things about being thirty-something is that you begin to gain a sense of time.  During your twenties time seemed endless and health seemed endless and possibilities seemed endless.  This sense of time not being infinite, and health not being infinite is very scary in a lot of  ways.  Being thirty-something means carrying a certain sense of loss for at one time being able to be so carefree.    Your body’s cruise control was set on healthy and now you have to chose to set it there.  One of my favorite health and fitness experts is Dr. Rhonda Patrick  her website has so much amazing information find it here:  FoundMyFitness.com 

No matter if you were terribly depressed inside it could still look good on you.  Being angsty and smoldering under the surface could be attractive.  I saw a girl shopping at my store the other day who was wearing a shirt that said “Not Happy”  She had her nails done down to sharp points.  She was cute, her skin was perfect and she was just doing her thing, clearly her look was a statement to fit into a social group.   When you are thirty-something being depressed inside and angry at life cannot be taken so lightly.  It begins a snowball effect that can impact your digestion, your self esteem and your looks.  Being thirty-something means there is no hiding who you are on the inside.  This is why it is so crucial now to go deeper into who you are internally.  Twenty somethings are to a great degree all about looks, and they come super easy even though at the time you may have been self critical.

Its not a time to deny your ego or deny yourself.  Speaking as a woman, it is easy to feel this insidious ping on your self-worth as you go about your business.  From looking in the mirror and seeing imperfections that didn’t used to be there, to maybe not being the younger woman in the room men draw their attention to.  It is time to assess these things and realize the real impact it has on your own beauty and self-worth.  One small thing that I like to do as a step to building resilience around these negative habits is to every time I look in the mirror say “I love you, you are imperfect, I love you”.

There are many more concrete ways to build resilience and depth I will continue to address in this blog.



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