On Being Thirty-Something: How to Decompress fully

I just visited the National University for Natural Medicine nunm.edu .  I am exploring becoming a Naturopathic Doctor.  It seemed natural enough.  It was awesome, though really, I believe I would be certainly lucky to through the program.  An expensive ticket to a legitimate career.  A huge decision and over 100,000 debt potentially.  Whoa.  This all brings me to On Being Thirty-Something: how to decompress fully.  Firstly it is a skill and a choice one has to make.  Here in Portland, Oregon you could just visit the nearest marijuana dispensary, there are approximately a million: https://weedmaps.com .  I don’t like relying only on substances alone to chill me out however.  So the question remains really.  Sorry I have no perfect solution, only more questions about how to decompress fully, I mean really fully so you can begin again with a fresh outlook when such huge decisions abound.

Back to the expensive school tour… my smart test taking self was perking up the whole time ,getting excited to do something challenging.  On the other hand my gypsy vagabond self was feeling pure intimidation.  I wondered how my creative self would survive?  I am an artist and by giving in to a traditional career am I giving up?  Does boredom come hand and hand with responsibility?  I believe these are all questions thirty-somethings face when big life choices come looming and pressing in your field of vision.

Over and over I wonder why becoming older makes you so stressed out.  I have to believe it has to do with money.  We start to fully understand how money impacts our health and freedom and creativity.  Mr. Money Mustache is one dude that I think has  cultivated an amazing perspective on personal wealth and engineering an efficient and low stress life:  http://www.mrmoneymustache.com/ .

Some great discoveries today pertaining to health:  I have an android phone so the Cronometer App. is the best macro and micro nutrient tracker I have come across: https://cronometer.com/

Thank you for reading, in further posts I will attempt to more fully explore the ideas of decompressing fully and taking on big life decisions.

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